Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Well I can hardly believe that this year has come to a close. The months seemed to have flown by in an instant. Looking back over some of our favorite cakes this year I've decided to post a few here.

Here is a 3 tier cake we created for a beautiful little princess named Hadley's 7th birthday party. It's hard to tell by the photo but it was huge, the bottom tier was comprised of 6 layers of Belgian Chocolate Truffle cake, and alternating layers of chocolate buttercream and organic raspberry coulis. The middle tier was comprised of 8 layers of the same and the top tier was 4 layers. Their whole family loves our chocolate raspberry cake! The mom wanted a sort or topsy turvy cake without losing too many servings of cake so we might it just slightly turvy. We covered it in our wonderful fondant and decorated it with whimsical princess tiaras, hearts and flowers in an array of pastel colors.

Hand-painted Christmas Tree Cake

Another wonderful Christmas cake I created for a long time customer out of state. It was comprised of 4 layers of cake, filled with white Belgian chocolate ganache and eggnog buttercream. I covered it in white fondant, hand-painted sparkly white snowflakes in the background and a large decorative Christmas tree. I added some 2d touches with royal icing poinsettias and holiday presents and a red fondant ribbon and bow.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Snowmen

Here's a cute cake we created for a wonderful long time customer with three little girls. It was a Belgian Chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream inside. They served it for Christmas dinner.

Let It Snow Cake

This is one our most popular winter time cakes which we ship across the nation. It is 4 layers of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cake with 2 layers of peppermint buttercream and one center layer of Belgian dark chocolate ganache.

Santa's Village Cake

We created this cake for a long time customer who's family was traveling to Florida from New Jersey to spend the holidays with her husband's very large Italian family. They wanted to bring a little snowy holiday cheer to south Florida. Although you can't really tell by the photo this cake was huge! It was a double half sheet cake with 4 alternating layers of Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Belgian Dark Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream. The cake was enjoyed by all!
Here's a Nutcracker Cake we did for a women in New York City who was hosting a Holiday Party themed, "The Land of Sweets". We also created her a custom gingerbread mansion for the same party.

Holiday Break!

Well friends it certainly has been an incredibly busy and eventful year here at Couture Cakes & Confections. We apologize for the lack of posts here this year we've had a lot on our plates...from building out our new space and moving facilities to many special events and holidays. We closed out the year with a couple non-stop months of 18 - 20 hr days/7 day weeks. While we are recouping and enjoying a bit of time off with our families I thought I would post some photos of various cakes we have made throughout the year. It would be nearly impossible to post them all so I will sift through and pick some to post.