Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Well I can hardly believe that this year has come to a close. The months seemed to have flown by in an instant. Looking back over some of our favorite cakes this year I've decided to post a few here.

Here is a 3 tier cake we created for a beautiful little princess named Hadley's 7th birthday party. It's hard to tell by the photo but it was huge, the bottom tier was comprised of 6 layers of Belgian Chocolate Truffle cake, and alternating layers of chocolate buttercream and organic raspberry coulis. The middle tier was comprised of 8 layers of the same and the top tier was 4 layers. Their whole family loves our chocolate raspberry cake! The mom wanted a sort or topsy turvy cake without losing too many servings of cake so we might it just slightly turvy. We covered it in our wonderful fondant and decorated it with whimsical princess tiaras, hearts and flowers in an array of pastel colors.

Hand-painted Christmas Tree Cake

Another wonderful Christmas cake I created for a long time customer out of state. It was comprised of 4 layers of cake, filled with white Belgian chocolate ganache and eggnog buttercream. I covered it in white fondant, hand-painted sparkly white snowflakes in the background and a large decorative Christmas tree. I added some 2d touches with royal icing poinsettias and holiday presents and a red fondant ribbon and bow.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three Snowmen

Here's a cute cake we created for a wonderful long time customer with three little girls. It was a Belgian Chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream inside. They served it for Christmas dinner.

Let It Snow Cake

This is one our most popular winter time cakes which we ship across the nation. It is 4 layers of Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cake with 2 layers of peppermint buttercream and one center layer of Belgian dark chocolate ganache.

Santa's Village Cake

We created this cake for a long time customer who's family was traveling to Florida from New Jersey to spend the holidays with her husband's very large Italian family. They wanted to bring a little snowy holiday cheer to south Florida. Although you can't really tell by the photo this cake was huge! It was a double half sheet cake with 4 alternating layers of Tahitian Vanilla Bean and Belgian Dark Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Italian Meringue Buttercream. The cake was enjoyed by all!
Here's a Nutcracker Cake we did for a women in New York City who was hosting a Holiday Party themed, "The Land of Sweets". We also created her a custom gingerbread mansion for the same party.

Holiday Break!

Well friends it certainly has been an incredibly busy and eventful year here at Couture Cakes & Confections. We apologize for the lack of posts here this year we've had a lot on our plates...from building out our new space and moving facilities to many special events and holidays. We closed out the year with a couple non-stop months of 18 - 20 hr days/7 day weeks. While we are recouping and enjoying a bit of time off with our families I thought I would post some photos of various cakes we have made throughout the year. It would be nearly impossible to post them all so I will sift through and pick some to post.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gluten Free, Wheat Free All Purpose Flour Blend

We are finally ready to launch our new blend of Gluten Free, Wheat Free All Purpose Flour. Available in 3lb bags. Click Here to view and purchase. Our Gluten Free All Purpose Flour is great for all kinds of baking from cakes to pancakes.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Healthy Living Expo Chattanooga

We have signed up to participate in the Healthy Living Expo Chattanooga on October 1st & 2nd. We will be sampling some of our delicious cake. Come visit us. Click here for official website.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gluten Free Bread

Well my friends it has been another very looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggg day at the bakery! A hotter then heck one at that! Bring on the snow I say!!! On the bright side it was also a very tasty day...fresh baked gluten free pizza pepperoni and ham and pineapple, the most DELICIOUS gluten free bread that will ever cr...oss your lips...multi grain with fresh thyme and white...check out some of the photos.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chattanooga Best of The Best 2010

Customers & friends. We have been told by a number of our customers that it is time again this year that the Chattanooga Times Free Press takes votes towards their Best of the Best awards. If you have yet to vote please log onto the link below and help Couture Cakes by A Bountiful Harvest, Chattanooga's only all natural bakery, by voting us best bakery in Chattanooga and also best dessert. Time is running out. The deadline is July 6th and your vote could win you $1000.

Go to Chattanooga Best of the Best and fill in the form.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Riverdance Cake

So a couple of weeks ago the Riverdance show came to Chattanooga and we received a call to make a birthday cake for one of the lead dancers Marty. Asked to design the cake around the Riverdance story we chose to sculpt 2 dancers out of fondant as seen in a famous Riverdance image. The cake was delivered to Memorial Auditorium just before the show and it was a huge hit!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guitar Cake for Graduation

In the middle of the craziness of May weddings we proudly had the high school graduation for both of our sons. We threw a big party and of course made them cakes! Kyle is heading to MTSU to major in recording industry and appropriately we decided to make him a guitar cake that was a life-sized replica of his own guitar. I think the guitar came out looking really good and everybody was amazed by it but unfortunately, we were so busy that week that we didn't have but a couple of hours before the party to actually cover the cake and add the details. A cake of this scale really needs way more time but considering the time we had it came out good. I would have liked to have made edible strings with gumpaste or sugar but time was against us so we had to use real wire which proved impossible to straighten the kinks out of and there were a lot of details from the headstock that we didnt have time to add.

Cute as a bug…Ladybug Birthday Cake

We got a call from a sweet young lady named Victoria looking for a special cake for her little princess Calleigh who was turning and she was on the hunt for someone to make a really great tasting cake for her to enjoy. Due to some medical issues mom was a little delayed in ordering a cake but she apparently found us through a google search fell in love with a lady bug cake we had previously made and read all the reviews about us and really wanted to have this cake made for her daughter. I was able to squeeze her into the schedule and this is the end result. The sheet cake was vanilla bean cake with fresh raspberry coulis and Italian meringue vanilla bean buttercream. The two lady bugs were Belgian chocolate cake with Italian meringue vanilla bean buttercream. The lady bugs, flowers and banners were all covered in or made out of our yummy vanilla fondant.

As you can see by the second photo, Calleigh was checking out her own little lady bug before diving in. It looks like she wasted no time digging in! How sweet is this next photo…this little princess is indeed Cute as a ladybug!!!!!

Old MacDonald had a Farm…Farmyard Cake

So we got a call during the insanity of the Christmas rush with a request to make a barn yard cake for a sweet little girl from Florida who would be turning 1 just after the new year…Yippee not another Santa or snowman! Don’t get me wrong I love making Santa and snowmen but after weeks on end of holiday cakes it was a nice change. After speaking with both her parents about what they wanted this is what I came up.

Everything was edible, the barn was constructed of Belgian dark chocolate cake with fresh raspberry coulis and chocolate buttercream and the base was vanilla bean cake with Italian meringue vanilla bean buttercream. All of the animals, flowers and farm bits were hand sculpted from our yummy vanilla fondant.

As you can see by the look on Princess Ella’s face she really enjoyed her very first birthday cake! Isn’t she just adorable!

More Dairy Free Milk Chocolate Options

We have added more dairy free milk chocolate products including dairy free candy bars & dairy free chocolate discs. They can be found on the Dairy Free Gifts Page. More dairy free candy bars and gift items are available and will be added as soon as possible. If you have any special requests that you cannot find on the website please call us.

X-Box 360 Cake

This week we created an X-Box 360 Cake complete with edible controller & games for a Groom that is a big fan of the Fable game & Football games. The game covers were printed on edible paper with edible ink. Check it out.

X-Box 360 Cake

Vegan Wedding Cake & Vegan Grooms Cake

We would like to congratulate Greg & Katie on their recent marriage. Greg & Katie were married at the beautiful Wild Moon Ranch in Rising Fawn, GA and requested a Vegan Wedding Cake & Vegan Grooms Cake. Katie wanted an earthy looking ivory cake with branches rising up with dogwood flowers to co-ordinate with their wedding invitation. On top of the cake we sculpted 2 birds in a nest, also to match their invitation.
For a Groom's cake Katie surprised Greg with a tree stump which had their initials painted on top to match the design Greg drew for their wedding invitation. Both cakes were dairy free & gluten free. View larger pictures at

Joe & Lauren Wedding Cake & Pez Grooms Cake

Congratulations to Joe & Lauren recently married in Atlanta, Ga. Joe & Lauren are living in China but married in Atlanta. Although nobody was Celiac or needing a gluten free wedding cake Lauren was looking for an all natural cake and so we designed Lauren's wedding cake around the beautiful green silk fabric she had purchased in China for the Bridesmaids dresses.
We also had a blast creating Joe's Pez Candy Grooms Cake. Lauren had surprised Joe with the design for his grooms cake as he is an avid Pez collector and has a set of collectible Bride & Groom Pez Dispensers, which we set on top of the cake. Joe's favorite cake is strawberry so he was surprised that we made his grooms cake a strawberry cake.
Thank you Joe & Lauren for letting us be a part of your big day. It was a pleasure making your wedding & grooms cakes.

Kimberly's Storybook Birthday & Graduation Cake

One of the most fun cakes we have made recently was a combination of Birthday & Graduation cake for Kimberly who was going to be visiting Chattanooga from Atlanta and spending the weekend at the Chattanoogan. We made a 2 tier hexagon cake which was decorated with a different aspect of her life on each side. We sculpted a miniature Kimberly out of fondant and dressed her in a black dress but put a softball glove on her hand to represent the years she has played the game. On each side of the cake we included various interests and achievements such as her recent graduation from Georgia Southern University, her new career as a teacher, her love of fashion and shopping, music, surfing, sports and her puppy Bella.
View more pictures here

Dinosaur Cupcakes

Some updates on recent creations. We recently made some dinosaur cupcakes for Ike who was turning 4. We made both chocolate & vanilla bean cupcakes and topped each one with miniature dinosaurs made out of fondant.

Chattanooga Cupcakes, Gourmet Cupcakes.

McClain Wedding Black & White Wedding Cake & Nintendo Grooms Cake

We've been a little behind with the blog updates! Congratulations to Mr & Mrs James McClain on their recent marriage. James & Jamie were married at The Grandview on Lookout Mountain and Jamie wanted a modern looking square wedding cake with black painting and red roses on the top tier.
James wanted a Nintendo NES cake with the classic controllers. We surprised James by also adding the gun for Duck Hunt and a Tetris cartridge box made out of fondant with the cover printed on edible paper. Both cakes were a huge hit! View larger pictures at

Moving Blog

So the old blog wasn't really working the way we wanted it to so we are switching over to this one. We have a lot of new cakes to blog about and will put them up soon. In the meantime we will move some of the older blogs over also.

We've moved!!!

We are excited to finally announce that we have moved. Our new bakery & store is located at 5228 Hixson Pike, Hixson, TN 37343. For local customers we are right next door to Central Baptist Church/Abba’s House across the street from Maxi Muffler.

Get Married Magazine Feature

It's been a very busy holiday season with little time to post updates and pictures of any of our new cake designs but they will be uploaded soon. We are very excited this month to be featured in the new issue of Get Married Magazine. Check it out. It's in stores now.