Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guitar Cake for Graduation

In the middle of the craziness of May weddings we proudly had the high school graduation for both of our sons. We threw a big party and of course made them cakes! Kyle is heading to MTSU to major in recording industry and appropriately we decided to make him a guitar cake that was a life-sized replica of his own guitar. I think the guitar came out looking really good and everybody was amazed by it but unfortunately, we were so busy that week that we didn't have but a couple of hours before the party to actually cover the cake and add the details. A cake of this scale really needs way more time but considering the time we had it came out good. I would have liked to have made edible strings with gumpaste or sugar but time was against us so we had to use real wire which proved impossible to straighten the kinks out of and there were a lot of details from the headstock that we didnt have time to add.

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