Saturday, June 5, 2010

Joe & Lauren Wedding Cake & Pez Grooms Cake

Congratulations to Joe & Lauren recently married in Atlanta, Ga. Joe & Lauren are living in China but married in Atlanta. Although nobody was Celiac or needing a gluten free wedding cake Lauren was looking for an all natural cake and so we designed Lauren's wedding cake around the beautiful green silk fabric she had purchased in China for the Bridesmaids dresses.
We also had a blast creating Joe's Pez Candy Grooms Cake. Lauren had surprised Joe with the design for his grooms cake as he is an avid Pez collector and has a set of collectible Bride & Groom Pez Dispensers, which we set on top of the cake. Joe's favorite cake is strawberry so he was surprised that we made his grooms cake a strawberry cake.
Thank you Joe & Lauren for letting us be a part of your big day. It was a pleasure making your wedding & grooms cakes.

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