Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cute as a bug…Ladybug Birthday Cake

We got a call from a sweet young lady named Victoria looking for a special cake for her little princess Calleigh who was turning and she was on the hunt for someone to make a really great tasting cake for her to enjoy. Due to some medical issues mom was a little delayed in ordering a cake but she apparently found us through a google search fell in love with a lady bug cake we had previously made and read all the reviews about us and really wanted to have this cake made for her daughter. I was able to squeeze her into the schedule and this is the end result. The sheet cake was vanilla bean cake with fresh raspberry coulis and Italian meringue vanilla bean buttercream. The two lady bugs were Belgian chocolate cake with Italian meringue vanilla bean buttercream. The lady bugs, flowers and banners were all covered in or made out of our yummy vanilla fondant.

As you can see by the second photo, Calleigh was checking out her own little lady bug before diving in. It looks like she wasted no time digging in! How sweet is this next photo…this little princess is indeed Cute as a ladybug!!!!!

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