Monday, June 20, 2011

Thomas The Tank Engine Cake

Last May for Devin's 2nd birthday we made a Thomas The Tank Engine themed cake which was designed like the train station with all the trains peeking out of the side. This year for Devin's 3rd birthday he decided he wanted another Thomas cake so to step it up from last year we decided to make him a 3d Thomas the Tank Engine cake. I think this is probably one of my favorite birthday cakes we have made and love how it turned out. We were worried that Devin might want to play with Thomas since he looked so real but instead he was fascinated by it and decided he needed to sit and guard the cake instead of playing outside on the bounce house with his friends! Devin was also quick to point out that Thomas is number 1 and not number 3...we knew that of course but thought since Devin was turning 3 it would be a good way to include it on the cake.

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