Thursday, February 21, 2008

Introducing Sugar Free, Gluten Free Marzipan!!

Here at A Bountiful Harvest we are finally excited to launch our all natural Sugar Free Marzipan, which also is Gluten Free. Yes…you read that correctly an all natural Marzipan that is SUGAR FREE!!! Since I’m from Europe and grew up enjoying traditional European marzipan candies as well as marzipan on most cakes this is extremely exciting for us and we have received numerous requests from our loyal customers for sugar free marzipan. We have been taste testing with some of our customers that are both diabetic and have no diet restrictions and the feedback has been very positive. Even non-diabetics have commented about how both the taste and texture compares with a premium grade marzipan made with sugar. Our marzipan is a 66% almonds marzipan and is initially going to be available in 1lb tubs. Click here to view the marzipan on our website.

We will also be offering chocolate covered marzipan in 16pc & 25pc boxes and both milk & dark chocolate. These will be added to the online store shortly.

We hope you try it and would appreciate any feedback.

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